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After intense scrutinization of every diet pill on the market, we have found one that will help you finally shed those stubborn pounds that have been following you around for so long: Apidextra. With a money-back guarantee that you will lose five pounds a week, as well as ingredients that have been clinically proven to burn more fat, boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, Apidextra is a clear first for us.

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Based on the name, you would think that ZooBurn was some kind of animal diet pill used by zoologists or maybe by veterinarians. Considering all of the animal treatments we’ve turned into human weight loss supplements (like Clenbuterol, which is now illegal by the way), this isn’t so far off base. We test it on our four legged friends first, because we want to make sure it’s safe, and then we test it on ourselves, expecting to see the same results, even though we know that we don’t have the same DNA or body types……and we wonder why so many diet supplements fail (most are based on ingredients that have only ever been tested in animal studies).

That aside, there are obviously human clinical trials, and there are products that use the ingredients proven to promote human weight loss results in those trials. Is ZooBurn one of those? Based on the name, we might very well say no. Based on the formula however, there are some things that make us take a second look.

Hundreds of Green Tea Clinical Trials

Green tea is one of the biggest names in the business. It has been through hundreds of reported clinical studies, and a number of the successful clinical trials have used human subjects. These trials have proven that green tea might help subjects to burn fat and improve health with healthy antioxidants. Of course, these trials have also proven that it has plenty of caffeine, which might cause side effects. But what can we say, if you can handle it, it’s obviously not a problem.

There is some debate about just how effective it is. Some say that green tea boosts metabolism, but not by enough to promote noticeable differences in weight loss results. However, the antioxidant benefits, for whatever they’re worth, are pretty solid, typically improving heart health, skin health, and other basic aspects of health and wellness. Don’t take this to mean however that you should always rely on the hype and media attention.

Misconceptions About Hoodia

Hoodia has received just as much attention as green tea, and people have said just as many good things about it, raving about all of the clinical studies that supposedly back it up. So what’s the problem? The problem is that the studies everybody is talking about have all been animal studies! The human studies have all been inconclusive or have shown that hoodia has no weight loss benefits, more evidence that animal studies aren’t always as applicable as we would like them to be. When it comes to the human trials, the bottom line is that scientists have never been able to procure any known benefits, no matter how hard they try. Question is, why would you want to second guess science?


Yes, we realize that we’ve only really discussed two ingredients, but these two ingredients give you a pretty basic idea of ZooBurn’s strongest points. It has one ingredient that has been clinically prove, and while there are some who argue about its efficacy, we don’t necessarily think those arguments are warranted. However, when it comes to an ingredient that has only been proven in animal studies, we will argue that, and frankly, other ingredients like cha de bugre simply put have no studies. There are no animal studies, no human studies, no successful studies, no failed studies that even explore the possibility of weight loss.

In short, when looking into ZooBurn, the only thing you really have to rely on is green tea, which is a strong ingredient, don’t get us wrong. We just wonder about a product when we see one clinically proven metabolism booster surrounded by ingredients that have either never been tested or ingredients that come with studies that are a little bit questionable at best.

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