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After intense scrutinization of every diet pill on the market, we have found one that will help you finally shed those stubborn pounds that have been following you around for so long: Apidextra. With a money-back guarantee that you will lose five pounds a week, as well as ingredients that have been clinically proven to burn more fat, boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, Apidextra is a clear first for us.

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Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, losing weight can be a struggle. Although a quality supplement can help you burn off the extra fat, finding a decent product with little or no side effects for an affordable price is almost more effort than it’s worth. However, Redux-V claims to be an easy way to shed those stubborn pounds clinging to your belly butt and thighs with its unique blend of patented and clinically proven ingredients.

Supposedly Redux-V will help you lose nearly 400% more weight and drop as much as 17.3% more body fat. Interestingly, Redux-V even cautions us that if “you lose more than 10 lbs in 10 days” that we should “discontinue use of Redux-V.” Sounds too good to be true right?

Product Details

It’s fairly common practice among manufacturers and advertisers to make their product as appealing as possible, hyping up its abilities in order to attract customers. Redux-V, however, takes this marketing strategy to an entirely new level, plastering its homepage with claims and forcing consumers to read almost the whole page before revealing any relevant information about its formula.

These claims would include:
• “Lose up to 397.3% More Weight with Redux-V”
• “Reduce Appetite by 19.7”
• “Drop 17.3% More Fat”
• “Reduce Body Weight by 12.%”
• “Warning! If you lose more than 10 lbs in 10 days, please discontinue use of Redux-V.”

Can it Live Up to the Claims?

The ingredients inside Redux-V are clinically proven to promote a significant reduction in weight, and luckily for Redux-V these ingredients have been successful tools in a wide variety of weight loss supplements. Had Redux-V used any fillers or unknown substances, we wouldn’t have taken this product seriously.

For the most part, Redux-V seems to use the same basic blend of fat burners and appetite suppressants as Apidexin, one of the most effective weight loss pills on the market, and though Redux-V might not be able to produce the extreme weight loss results it claims to do, it should be able to help consumers lose weight within a short amount of time.

With Redux-V, most consumers should experience a pleasant increase in energy levels so they can burn more calories throughout the day but without the negative side effects common to extreme weight loss formulas. For the most part, Redux-V is stimulant free and fairly safe. We do not anticipate any serious or long-term side effects, though a few may experience mild symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea or insomnia.

Should I buy Redux-V?

Redux-V comes with a 30 Day money-back guarantee, and while this is a fairly short time frame to determine whether or not this product is right for you, at least it offers a form of compensation if you happen to find a dud.

Unfortunately, Redux-V hides its ingredient concentrations behind a proprietary blend listing, telling you what’s inside but not how much is this little pill. Although this will supposedly protect the product from copycat manufacturers, it also puts the consumer at a disadvantage. Without knowing the exact concentrations inside Redux-V, it is difficult to determine whether or not this product will be as effective as it claims to be. If the concentrations are not in their precise dosages, then Redux-V turns into nothing more than a placebo instead of the powerful fat burner that its overly confident manufacturers claim.

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