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Pride Nutrition C-Gone

Pride Nutrition C-Gone is not the first, nor will it be the last diet pill aimed at controlling blood sugar. Pride Nutrition C-Gone’s advertising is not particularly exciting, but they make it sound like the ultimate way to promote better weight loss, workouts, and better health all in one. It doesn’t actually spell out any “drastic fat burning” results, but it’s completely possible that we’re so afraid of the “exciting products” like ephedrine or Clenbuterol that this actually seems appealing. Let’s just take a closer look to see, bottom line, how effective Pride Nutrition C-Gone is.

Pride Nutrition C-Gone Ingredients

Pride Nutrition C-Gone uses a pretty easy to explain blend of ingredients. It uses ingredients such as Chromium picolinate, gymnema sylvestre, and vanadyl sulfate, all of which can control blood glucose levels. This could do quite a few things from increasing energy during workouts to controlling cravings for candy, cakes, and other sugars and carbs, and all of these types of ingredients come without the side effects of stimulants and some other popular, but dangerous substances. As it turns out, the other ingredients in Pride Nutrition C-Gone are just as safe.

The second grouping of ingredients, antioxidants as it were, are potentially healthy and can improve heart and skin health. Antioxidants work by eliminating free radicals that are known for damaging the body. The idea is that these ingredients reduce oxidative damage, reducing muscle soreness and also improving workouts, which eventually helps you to lose more weight.

Are either of these approaches as direct or “powerful” as some would like? Not necessarily. Both are more aimed at improving a healthy body, which eventually leads to weight loss with the right diet and exercise program rather than “incinerating” fat or “decimating” your appetite, but compared to the alternative (meaning stimulants and other ingredients with common side effects), some would still consider it to be preferable.

Pride Nutrition C-Gone Cost

One bottle of Pride Nutrition C-Gone can sell for $39.99, but you can typically find at a discount. Quite a few major sites sell it for about $24.95, and if taken as directed, it will typically last about 30 days. Because it sells through a lot of big websites, there is no money back guarantee, which is a drawback. However the price, compared to others, is pretty typical.

Does Pride Nutrition C-Gone Work?

Pride Nutrition C-Gone will definitely control blood sugar, and you may even notice some of your acne go away after using it. Anything to do with weight loss is entirely dependent on you. Are you dieting, are you exercising, Pride Nutrition C-Gone is just meant to make diet and exercise easier. However, for us at least, its main attraction is all of the health benefits of the blood glucose controllers and antioxidants found in Pride Nutrition C-Gone.

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