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After intense scrutinization of every diet pill on the market, we have found one that will help you finally shed those stubborn pounds that have been following you around for so long: Apidextra. With a money-back guarantee that you will lose five pounds a week, as well as ingredients that have been clinically proven to burn more fat, boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, Apidextra is a clear first for us.

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LipoBurn CTX

LipoBurn CTX is one of the many weight loss formulas promising appetite suppression, fat burning, workouts, and ultimately weight loss. Offering capsules, it is relatively easy to take, and it promises to facilitate the most extreme fat burning results possible.

LipoBurn CTX Ingredients

LipoBurn CTX uses a few key ingredients, the most powerful being synephrine and caffeine anhydrous. Both of these ingredients have been through multiple studies, proving that as stimulants, these ingredients can promote powerful fat burning effects for healthy weight loss results. These stimulants burn fat while synephrine is also known for suppressing appetite and mimicking the dangerous, but effective ephedrine in everything but the life threatening side effects.

It is combined with other ingredients that complement the effects of these two key ingredients while simultaneously improving health and feeding healthy muscles. LipoBurn CTX uses ingredients that are completely capable of promoting a diverse range of results. Recent studies show that the ingredients found in LipoBurn CTX have many different benefits. It’s just a matter of the person.

Is LipoBurn CTX Scientifically Proven?

LipoBurn CTX has multiple clinical studies to back it up. Caffeine anhydrous alone has hundreds of clinical studies behind it added to those supporting caffeine. Synephrine has been proven to prom mote healthy fat burning effects while simultaneously working to suppress appetite and even increase energy levels, and l-tyrosine continues to support healthy muscles. Based on the ingredients, yes, LipoBurn CTX is clinically proven.

However, based on the other factors, it is a little more debatable. LipoBurn CTX does not list the doses of each individual ingredient, and as you may have guessed, studies tend to repeat themselves, using the same amounts over and over to establish just how much you actually need to promote clinically proven results. In other words, while green tea requires at least 400mg to promote weight loss results, LipoBurn CTX could be using only 50 and we couldn’t say for sure.


LipoBurn CTX attempts to guarantee that you will lose weight, and collectively speaking, these ingredients can promote healthy results. When used correctly, the ingredients in LipoBurn CTX can promote the effect that you probably want. However, we have our doubts, and so far, we do not have any customer reviews to sway us either way.

LipoBurn CTX Customer Reviews

  1. I am doing couple of dinfereft types of abdominal exercises for fat loss, i have worked out completely one month with abdominal crunches and cardio but my body result is very slow in burn fat at abs. I am sticked on fat loss diet structure. Here my question is,there is any great exercise for FAST fat loss at belly and effective to turn my body into six pack ripped with in short period of time?

    By Sebastien
    Posted on May 4, 2012 at 1:10 pm

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