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After intense scrutinization of every diet pill on the market, we have found one that will help you finally shed those stubborn pounds that have been following you around for so long: Apidextra. With a money-back guarantee that you will lose five pounds a week, as well as ingredients that have been clinically proven to burn more fat, boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, Apidextra is a clear first for us.

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Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser

Usually, when we see a weight loss supplement in liquid form, it’s either a cleanse or an energy drink. Either way, Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser Is not what we typically expect from any liquid or powder diet supplement. Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser promises serious increases in metabolism, even suggesting that you could lose weight without changing your exercise plan. Granted, they suggest that you replace a soda a day with their supplement, which automatically cuts out sugar and calories (which could help you to lose weight on its own). We’re still willing to take a look though.

Increasing Metabolism

While there are a lot of different things that go into weight loss, we seem to look at metabolism as the be-all, end-all. It’s so basic, and yet there are a lot of products that don’t even come close. In this case, Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser uses both caffeine and the caffeine based green tea, both of which have been clinically proven to increase natural metabolism and therefore burn fat. We can definitely say that Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser might increase metabolism.

What About Other Benefits

You are more likely to get real results if you use a more diversified approach, but Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser doesn’t even discuss any other possible weight loss benefits. Because of the green tea, it can promote healthy antioxidant benefits. However, it doesn’t have any other ingredients that promote any other kind of weight loss. So we understand why they did it.

The Skinny

Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser uses an approach that is simple and narrow sighted. We understand that, and we can definitely see why Essential1: CalorieBurn Flavor Infuser would do it. Technically, it has enough power to do the job, and we see nothing wrong with that. We would definitely recommend this as one to look into.

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October 04, 2015

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