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7-DFBX (Seven Day Fat Burner Extreme) is a powered-up version of the original product known as 7-DFB. 7-DFB was extremely popular among users. So the makers of 7-DFBX thought of the idea to double the potency and see it that doubled the results.

They doubled the formula and now it claims to be the only weight-loss supplement in the world that can help you to lose 14 pounds in your first 7 days. While this amount seems unheard of, 7-DFBX really does have the ingredients needed to deliver.

The Good

Anecdotal evidence shows that people are losing an average of 7 pounds in one week when used properly. By claiming to promote over two pound a day of fat loss, people are wondering: is 7-DFBX a miracle pill?

Not quite. 7-DFBX is effective because it utilizes some very controversial methods for loosing weight. First it stimulates the metabolism by increasing bodily functions. This causes the body to start digging into its fat stores for extra energy.

7-DFBX’s most controversial method however is the detox/weight-loss combination. Most of the herbal ingredients are laxatives (stimulate digestive speed) and diuretics (stimulate urination) to push toxins out of the body. This too will cause the body to burn fat for energy to make up the gap that the unwanted foods leave behind.

The Bad

Though 7-DFBX has very few inherent side effects, it ability to purge the body and burn so much weight so quickly can be dangerous for people not in generally good health. Drink plenty of water as well to prevent dehydration or constipation, and supplement with a multivitamin to make sure you aren’t losing any nutrients.

The Skinny

While 7-DFB was originally designed as a detox, 7-DFBX took its predecessor’s weight loss abilities and amplified them. And while still being generally safe, it made our top five most potent diet pills.

This formula has everything from detoxiifers to fat burners among other things. 7-DFBX is capable of greater things than almost any other detox we have seen to date, and it truly is a superpowered version of the detoxifier that we saw with 7-DFB. That product was extremely powerful, but many have already made the switch over for even greater results.

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October 06, 2015

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